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In the Spring of 2008, the Green Movement at Fairfield University was gathering speed. The University website displayed a "red to green" section, to show that the University was in spirit changing its signature colors, from red-and-white to green. Professor Dina Franceschi of Economics, who was spearheading the Green Movement as head of the Environmental Steering Committee, asked Regan to contribute an environmental blog on topics related to the University's progress. She suggested that the tone of the blog should be comradely and not preachy.

For those reasons, the blog is written from the viewpoint of a "Reluctant Environmentalist," someone who is newly discovering environmental issues and who is amazed at their scope (a persona resembling Regan herself back then). Informational links to Internet websites (some now outdated) are offered in each issue, even as the "Reluctant Environmentalist" discovers them. The audience for the blog includes students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of Fairfield University -- anyone with access to the Fairfield University website.

In 2009 and 2010, the "Reluctant Environmentalist" blog was also linked to a "Green Tip of the Week" in the online Fairfield Mirror, the weekly student newspaper. An increasing number of readers were beginning to read the Mirror online.

The blog continued from the Spring of 2008 through the Spring of 2010. Today in 2011, Fairfield University is impressively green. It has an academic Program on the Environment, an activist student group LEAF (Leaders for Environmental Action at Fairfield), and the Environment Life Residential College.

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